Leadership training doesn’t just happen in a classroom. And it isn’t even confined to ‘on the job’ training anymore.

In a more socially connected world where work, life and community seamlessly integrate, shouldn’t your leadership development experience be evolved as well?

The opportunity for growth and development is all around us. It’s in the way we engage with ourselves, each other and the world…and processing our individual and shared experiences in a way that’s productive and expansive.


A new approach: YOL Leadership Programs

Leadership Development Reinvented


YOL’s Leadership Programs are unique development experiences that combine the reboot of a YOL experience with world-class development programming.

Our programs facilitate access to peak performance or flow state which enables rich engagement and creates real shifts towards more effective leadership.


It means that in a few short days away, we can get you results faster. Your team will be in a more receptive learning state and accessing growth will be natural.

They’ll leave thinking, seeing and behaving differently, and being able to apply that to today’s modern organizational and life challenges. They’ll never see their world the same again.


We get groups out in to nature, we provide opportunities to do truly meaningful and collaborative service work with worthwhile organizations, and we offer top notch mindfulness, yoga and stress reduction training.

And we embed the latest and greatest in leadership and other research-based curriculum, taught by stellar faculty or your own.

YOL offers a fresh combination of defined offerings and custom programs. We will co-design the best experience for you and your team.

Contact Desiree at 866.YOL.2008 or sales@yoltrips.com to learn more.


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