Leadership training doesn't just happen in a classroom. And it isn't even confined to 'on the job' training anymore. 
Offsite leadership experiences can be breakthrough but often miss a connective opportunity to extend and apply the learning in the workplace.


Embedded experiences combine a YOL offsite experience with front-end or back-end mindfulness training to apply the learning directly to the workplace. Follow-on programming and measurement ensures sustained impact.


This complementary pairing extends, deepens and applies the YOL experience to the workplace, helping to optimize both individual and team performance

In a more socially connected world where work, life and community seamlessly integrate, shouldn't your leadership development experience be evolved as well?

Program Options

* The Potential Project is the global leader in customized effectiveness programs based on mindfulness to enhance individual and organizational performance, resilience and creativity. YOL is pleased to partner with shinebright to deliver the Potential Project curriculum as part of YOL Embedded Experiences.



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